Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh Nose...

When Noah was real little he was just so laid back, never did any climbing on furniture, jumping off couches, or putting things places they just do not belong. Then along comes Andy. I think I have this Mama thing made. I know how to handle boys! Then it hit me...Noah was just SO laid back. Andy is a very gentle, sweet boy, but he has SO much energy. Fun for Andy is standing on the couch arm and diving head first into the couch. Jumping on the bed, that is fun too for Andy. Standing in a chair, no fun, he goes for the middle of the table! I have found him on top of the washing machine (and there was NOTHING for him to climb on to get there), in the bathroom sink, on the kitchen counter (again, no stool or chair!), half way up our bookshelf, and inside the cubbies of our toy storage shelf. All of that, surprised me, but I can handle it. But now...Andy has really thrown down the gauntlet. He is taking after me. In a way I wish he would not! When I was little, I stuffed stuff (mainly once a bead...bleh) up my nose. Yuck, right? Well....Andy thinks it is funny. Me, not so much. The other day I looked over right as he stuck a kernel of corn up there. It thankfully was on the edge, so I just pulled. No problem. Then it hit me. Could there be more? I got the flash light. Yep. Just I suspected. WAY up there. Josh mentioned I should get Baby L's little nose suctioner...I feared it would shove it up further. Then I remembered from MOPS first aid training...close the child's mouth, cover with your hand and blow in the other nostril. I did and out flew the corn! WHEW. Yuck, made me shudder and Andy laugh uncontrollably. Today the boys were making little cards with some foam stickers I bought. Innocent, right? I thought so. An hour later I was changing Andy's diaper and noticed something royal blue up his nose. It was a foam ornament. GROSS! Thankfully easily it came out, and this time there was just one. I know they say not to ask what next, but some days I wonder with Andy...what is next!?!

Oh - and Noah...now thinks jumping on furniture is fun...thanks to his little instigator of a brother:) Who would have known Andy would have been the ring leader!

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Beth said...

hahahahahahaha. I have nothing to say.... I'm laughing too hard!