Monday, November 8, 2010

Not feeling great....

Noah has been feeling really yucky the past couple of days. He falls asleep very easily and in the most random positions and places. We had plans this past weekend to go camping, but we heard it was going to be in the 30's at night and decided we should camp at home we did not freeze! Friday night Noah fell asleep in the big blue chair with his hood and play cowboy hat on too. We thought he was just tired, since he had not napped. We decided to forgo camping in the living room since he was already asleep. Saturday morning we woke up and went to the zoo. It was so fun taking Josh and we did not take a stroller, which was awesome! Just us, the boys and the camera bag. We had walked for over an hour and Noah sat down on a bench and said "I am done." We went to the car and drove home. At that point Noah just said he was tired, he did not have a fever or anything. We get home and the poor kiddo had a 103 temp! No symptoms, just a fever. ONCE he had coughed like a barking seal, so I made a doctors appointment. They said it was croup, but he had only coughed once like that! We gave him tylenol, then he watched a movie. Around 7 I noticed he looked kind of dazed and when I spoke to him he was very confused. I took his temp and it was 105.1 :( I called the doctor's office back and they said to take him to the ER. After a forever long wait at the ER they gave him a huge dose of motrin and said to give him tylenol every four hours, then anytime he had a breakthrough fever of 104 to give him motrin. But if he got back to 105 to come back to the ER. It was a long night of setting alarms and giving tylenol, upset tummies for Noah and coughing. He ended up with 104.5 overnight, but never 105 again, thankfully. Yesterday he had moments where he got down to 101, but got back to 104 overnight again. Today he says he is just exhausted, but right now his temperature is I think he is feeling a bit better! Here is to hoping Andy does not get it!!!

At the ER Noah was just the cutest thing! He played for hours with wiki sticks making different letters and shapes. Then when we were done at 12:30 a.m. he was still the sweetest thing. One of the administrators asked him if he wanted a sticker. He shrugged his shoulders and said "well, sure!" It was funny. She gave him a sticker then he said "Could I have one for my brother too?" It was so nice and so sweet for him to think of Andy when he felt so yucky and it was so late at night!


Carolee said...

WOW...what a day/night you had. Hope Noah continues to get better! Love to all.

Beth said...



That's a sprinkeling of some get well magic dust. Hope it helps. ;)