Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Week of MDO....

Our boys have grown up so much! This week marked a big event in our house. BOTH our boys started MDO. Noah was so excited to be back with all of his friends. The summer program was only one day a week and many of his little friends were not there. Andy was starting for the very first time! I was so excited and nervous for him. It would be the longest we would be apart while he was with non-family members.

The week started off with a Meet the Teachers Open House on Monday night. We were all SO excited to find out that Noah would have Ms. Cindy again, his teacher from last year! He just adores her, so that was really fun news. All the teachers are great up there, but for some reason Noah has this huge attachment to Ms. Cindy:) We then met Andy's sweet teacher, Ms. Amanda. She is a cute young girl, who is very good with the little ones. We dropped off our supplies and went on for an ice cream treat at Maggie Moo's. Noah was so funny, he said "Ice Cream School is fun!" Noah picked half strawberry, half chocolate with rainbow sprinkles and we got Andy half vanilla, half chocolate with rainbow sprinkles. They kept trading ... it was pretty funny!

Tuesday morning was fun, packing up their backpacks and talking about school. I of course HAD to get pictures of them dressed for school., just like I did with Noah last year. Andy was SO excited about his Buzz packpack and lunchbox.

Drop-off for Noah was a breeze. He took off running to his classroom and barely looked back. Andy on the other hand was a bit more timid. He was playing with toys and fine when I left. I then ran errands, came home and made a big mistake...I started sorting through Andy's baby clothes to return the borrowed items. NEVER ever look through your childs baby clothes the first day they are at "school" without you! YIKES. I was a mess missing him. BUT, the amount I got done in that 3 1/2 hours was amazing. The boys eat lunch at school, then I pick them up right after lunchtime. Andy was so excited and did not cry, which I feared he would do! They said he spent most of his day knocking on the door though, which made me sad. They said the only time he participated was during a dance party - silly boy.
Today was their second day going and it was great! Andy fussed for a minute when I went to drop him off, but I stood around the corner and listened and he was quiet within 30 seconds, so that was good. When I went to pick them up Noah's teacher said he had a great day, because of his best buddies from last year came! Andy's teacher said he was such a helper eating his lunch unassisted, played with the other kiddos, only cried when everyone in the class was crying at once, and would not let go of her hand walking to the playground! I am so proud of my big boys! I got a lot done around the house today too, including playing with the sweetest four month old around that I watch:)
All in all, an okay week for my boys:)

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