Thursday, August 27, 2009

Awesome August!

What a great month we have had! It blew by too quickly, but it was so much fun!

Just this week, Noah started Mother's Day Out. I could not believe he was already old enough to start. Josh and I decided during my pregnancy with Andy that starting Noah in a program this fall would be a good choice, which would allow Andy and I to have that precious time together of learning to walk, talk, play and just enjoy each other one on one. Noah goes for three hours twice a week. I was so excited for him and this new adventure. On Tuesday morning we woke up, made pancakes together, munched on some yummy blueberries and then went out in the backyard to get some pictures of the proud MDO bound boy. He was SO excited and SO proud of his Lightning McQueen backpack.

When I picked him up I was able to watch him for awhile without him seeing me. It was so fun to see how he behaves without knowing I am there. Let's just say, I wish he was that good with me around! He is really a good little boy, but he was just extra good with his teachers, listening and minding! I treated him to a lunch at Chick fil A and while eating I asked lots of questions. He told me who cried, who was happy (including himself) and that they ate bears with bellies on it. He thought that was WAY cool. I am assuming that means teddy grahams, which he had never had before and he keeps telling me that he likes them now! He definitely enjoyed his day!

This past weekend Josh and I took Noah to the circus! We had intended on taking both of our boys, but Andy was sick, so we got to take just Noah, which was an amazing treat for Josh and I both! We got to spend some quality one on one time with Noah, go out to dinner and enjoy the awesome circus! It was SO good. We had so much fun and Noah really enjoyed himself! The clowns were pretty cool looking too....

Noah LOVED the elephants!
My boys outside of the circus

A couple of weeks ago we were able to go help celebrate my Grandma's birthday. It was such a good time getting to see my family and enjoy that time together. We even got to bring home one of my cousins for a couple of days. (I will not post pictures on here, since I did not ask permission, but we had such a good time!) During the visit we played with a slip n slide, went to an inflatables place and had a good time!!! We even went to the movies to see Ponyo, which was Noah and Andy's first flick! Andy slept through it, but Noah sat board straight, munching on popcorn and drinking sprite. He really liked it and still talks about it!

Josh getting Noah set up to sail down the slip n slide!
Noah absolutely loved it! Best $5 I have spent in a long time!
Noah and my cousin were not the only ones to enjoy the inflatable place! Andy LOVED the toddler area! He crawled all over that place!
My birthday (08/08) we went to Crystal Beach to spend time at the beach and play! It was so much fun. We camped, played at the beach, rode the ferry, went out to dinner, went to Schlitterbahn, it was the best time! Noah loved the beach. He did so great there. Loved the ferry ride even more. And absolutely loved the rapids at Schlitterbahn in the lazy river, to my major surprise!

Noah walking out onto the beach for the first time this summer!
Andy sitting on the beach for the first time!
My folks, the boys and I
My two peas in a pod. Josh & Noah
Noah & Grampy
Andy was absolutely ALL over the beach! He was so precious. Digging in the sand,
playing with Noah, smushing the castles Josh built, eating the sand, and even
crawling after Noah into the water!
Fun in the Sun!

At the beginning of the month we went to a Children's Museum with some good friends and the boys had a blast! Noah is still asking to go back. Andy had a blast too! We will definitely make a return trip soon:)

Andy driving a firetruck! HOLD ON TIGHT!
Noah playing on the BIG piano! I honestly think this and the train were his
favorite parts of the whole museum! He played on this for forever!
We really have had a nice summer. Visits with lots of family and friends and lots of friends are about to have babies, so we are so excited for them! We even have a couple of fun things planned for the near future is hard to believe the summer is almost over, but we did have a fantastic time! I love the fall, so I am excited about it coming soon!

Other news: the boys are both growing so fast! As of yesterday, Noah weighed 33 lbs and Andy was 20 lbs 3 ozs. Andy is starting to prefer table food over baby food, which I am VERY happy about! At lunch today Andy and Noah ate the exact same thing, just cut differently - wahoo!

Andy can now say hat, dog, uh-oh, ball (sounds like bawhl), bye bye, whasthat (what's that? and he points while saying it), mama, da (for Josh) and baba (which I really think means Bubba, for Noah). We are even working on plans for his first birthday, I cannot believe it is just a bit over a month away! Wow. My boys are growing up too fast!!!!!!

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