Friday, July 30, 2010

Still exist...

Howdy! I promise I still exist! I have been so unbelievably busy and overwhelmed lately, but will get caught up in posts before long. We got so many cute pictures in the last couple of months, hopefully I can make some time soon to process them all!

In the last month we have had a couple of camping trips, I started watching the sweetest little baby boy, Josh's Granny got VERY sick with a staph infection in her blood, my Mom had a heart attack and ended up in the hospital for over a week total, my folks house had an A/C leak which made the ceiling in my old bedroom collapse and the same in the dining room below, the boys and I got sick twice with nasty sinus stuff and Noah dislocated his elbow (nursemaids elbow). It has been one crazy month. Josh's Granny is still fighting and has some good days and some real bad. I spent time helping my folks box up some of their things in preparation for getting their house repaired, which was inbetween my Mom's hospital stays. My Mom had two cath procedures, one which resulted in a stent being placed in her main artery which was 80% blocked. She is doing a lot better. The boys and I are still fighting the latest round of sinus and tummy junk and Noah's arm is thankfully fine. What a crazy time. I have seen blessings in all this, but have found myself overwhelmed.

The blessings....So many sweet family and friends really stepped up and showed their true sweet nature in all of this. From emotional to physical support, I know we needed each of them to lean on. Josh and his Mom got to go visit his grandparents. He so enjoyed that time with them and I know how different a visit can be with or without the kids. I am so glad he got to go without them, it makes for a much more focused visit, which I know he needed. My Mom is okay, which is amazing. I was so worried and she has many follow up appointments, but for now, all is okay. And on a personal note, I tend to be an emotional eater. This past month I was determined not to use that as an excuse and joined Weight Watchers. Not only did I not emotionally eat, I lost 7 pounds so far in my first three weeks on WW. After Noah was born I did it and lost 40 pounds...then I found out I was pregnant with Andy. I am so glad to be headed back towards my old and more comfortable size.

Well, hopefully pictures to come soon! I have a lot of catching up to do!

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