Thursday, August 26, 2010

Turning 30 is not so bad…

My 30th birthday was truly my best birthday yet!  We spent it playing on the beach, going to Schlitterbahn, camping, and eating at my favorite breakfast place Mosquito cafe.  Josh made my traditional birthday pie (chocolate pecan).  Noah was completely confused by the lack of cake:) but I was completely thrilled with my pie!  I got all kinds of fun presents and enjoyed playing on the beach more than anything!  I have TONS of photos, something like 400, but here are some of my favorites from the weekend.  I am so in love with our boys.  I fall deeper in love with them every day.  Even the days they are crazy couch jumpers!  Being their Mama is really the best birthday gift!!!

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Beth said...

yay! Looks like 30 is treating you well. You look great! Man, we have grown up. crazy huh?