Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why I love being a Mama….


Above are the two reasons I love being a Mama.  Their Mama.  I cannot imagine any day without those two boys!  I look forward to the ordinary.  Noah waking up every morning and asking me “Mama, you sleep good?” and Andy yelling “MAMA!” and then always asking for his “nun-nun” as he is getting out of bed.  I love that they eat breakfast right as they get up, then want their milk.  I love that they love to push cars, and play trains, and both of them cannot see me laying on the floor on my tummy without coming and sitting on my back.  I love that when I say “Let’s Go!” Andy is the first to the shoe basket and starts passing out everyone’s shoes.  I love the ordinary everyday things like how we work all getting to the car with no one ending up out in the street.  I love the excitement on their faces when they hear the front door open and “DA!” is home.  I love that they practically trip over their feet scrambling to get scooped up and loved on when we walk in the door after having been gone, even if being gone meant going out to get the mail.  I love that every single night ends with Noah wanting to “cuddle just a little longer.”  I love being a Mama.  But more than anything, I love being Noah and Andy’s Mama.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama, Josh’s Mom, my Grandma and Josh’s Granny.  We love you all!  Happy Mother’s Day to all my sweet friends that are Mommy’s too:)

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Beth said...

I hope you had an awesome mother's day! You deserve to have a month's worth of holidays!!!