Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tarzan and piggy banks?

Yesterday Noah was getting dressed and both of his feet went through one of his short legs. He started laughing and said “ha!  I look like a merman!”  Then he said “Nah, not a merman, I look like Tarzan!”  That sparked a huge conversation between the two of us.  He then informed me that Tarzan is a girl.  I tried to explain that Tarzan is actually a boy.  He is unbelievably adamant that Tarzan is a girl, because he has on a skirt.  It does not matter what I say, in Noah’s mind Tarzan is a girl.  He has brought it up numerous times today, saying “Mama you are silly thinking that Tarzan is a boy!” 

Then today we went to Hobby Lobby.  He informed me that Hobby Lobby is my favorite store, but that Red Robin in his.  I guess he really was hungry for a hamburger!  While at Hobby Lobby we saw some massive Thomas train sets for sale.  He asked me to buy him one.  I explained that I did not have any money set aside to purchase a Thomas the trains set.  We have TONS of trains at home and that one says it is for nine year olds!  He then said he would ask his Daddy to buy it, because Daddy has money in his pocket.  I told him that yes, Daddy may have money in his pocket, but most probably that money is intended for something else, like groceries, etc.  So then Noah quickly remembered his piggy bank.  He told me we needed to go home and get the money out of his piggy bank to buy it.  I tried to explain that after putting money in a bank it is a good idea to leave it there and save.  He said “what’s that mean, Mama?” so I explained that saving means you end up with lots of money and then you can choose what to use that money for.  He very sternly and honestly said “Well Mama, I do not want lots of money.  I want lots of toys.”  At least he is honest:)

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Josh said...

Almost sounds like a conversation I had with Amy...except replace the word "toys" with rifle. I guess "toys" works too.