Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Carnival Ecstasy, Monday, April 26, 2010

EMBARKATION DAY!  Galveston, Texas

Me…being totally dorky and beyond excited about getting on the cruise ship!  After waiting in line for almost three and a half hours everyone was a tad bit giddy about checking things out!!!DSC_0003

Right after getting on the ship we decided to grab a bite to eat.  The buffet and salad bar on the Lido deck were open, so we went and had a quick lunch.  Then it was time to check out our room and explore the whole ship!  We were SO excited!!!!


Here I am…thinking “okay, at least I have a lifejacket in the room in case the Ecstasy is the next Titanic.”  I am serious.  I really was thinking that…which is why I look a little bit too  excited to be holding that lifejacket!

DSC_0006DSC_0008DSC_0014  DSC_0019


The ship had so much to offer!  From putt putt golf, to ping pong tables, a pool, hot tubs, water slides, casino, comedy clubs, restaurants, piano bars, movies in your room, and even a library!



As we were pulling out of the ship channel we saw ALL of these John Deere tractors!  We knew Noah and Andy would get a huge kick out of it!


Our boat finally pulled out to shore around 4:30…while we were in our safety briefing!  I was a tad disappointed to miss it.  I thought there would be fanfare and waving and streamers and hoopla.  I guess I have seen too many movies.  We went to a “Bye Bye Land” party, then we continued to scope things out!  We seemed to be the only ones exploring every nook and cranny of that boat…everyone else was already into their swimsuits and sitting by the pools! 

About an hour after heading out an announcement was made that one of our fellow passengers had a medical emergency and we were heading back to Galveston.  Once we got fairly close back to port a coast guard boat met us and they lowered the passenger down the side of the ship into their boat.  It was unbelievable to see.  I felt so bad for him and so badly for his family.  The staff was so good keeping us updated and saying they were praying for him, it was very nice how they handled it all.

That night we ate dinner for the first time at the Wind Star Dining Room…where we met their amazing dietary hostess, Moneka.  She was AWESOME.  Seriously.  I gained weight…meaning if a Celiac girl can go on vacation and gain weight, not get into gluten and gain weight, some one did their job a little bit too right, oh..and I also probably should have had a bit more self control.  But that is for another post, another day:)  Not only was the food good, but the company was even better!  Josh and I had more fun getting to sit and talk to each other, eat a meal and not feed anyone else.  It was a nice break, but kind of strange too!

Each night when we returned to our room…we had chocolates and a towel animal on our bed!  We looked forward to checking out the newest animal every night!


Our sweet, adorable cabin steward met us this night and said “Hello Amy and Josh!”  We both kind of startled…thinking, “he knows OUR names?”  Well, EVERYONE on the boat knows your name.  The staff is amazing and made us feel so at home! 

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