Thursday, April 15, 2010

Potty news…

Previously I posted my potty questions about Noah.  Months ago I should have posted an update.  He is doing SOOOO great.  I am so proud of him for finally getting it.  Once he believed that Pampers only made diapers for him for sleeping times, there was no looking back!

And that leads us to the past few days.  Andy is SO very curious and watches everything we all do.  He just turned 18 months and is still very much a baby, but at times such a big boy.  It blows me away. Two days ago I caught Andy jiggling the child lock on the bathroom door saying “peepee!”  I was shocked.  I actually do not call it going ‘peepee,’ but figured that is what he wanted since he was at the bathroom.  I got him in there and put him on the potty.  He had actually just gone in his diaper.  I was amazed that he put together the fact that he had just gone with the thought of using the potty.

Yesterday Andy did it again, shook the knob and yelled “peepee!”  I ran to him, got him on the potty and he PEED!  I could not believe it!  He is such a little dude!  He was SO proud of himself and I was SO proud of him too!  I think that he must have gone to the bathroom two days ago and I just did not make it to him in time, which is why he had just gone!

He even gave me underwear of Noah’s yesterday and told me he wanted the on!  So, he had on a diaper, a onesie over that and then Lightning McQueen (or ‘leelow’ to Andy) underwear on over that!  It was hilarious and so cute!

Last night after we said our prayers at dinnertime in this sweet little voice, Andy said “amen!”  It was so heartwarming to hear such a little one say that!

Andy loves Woody from Toy Story.  Which really cracks me up, since Woody ANDY written on his foot!  Andy calls him “ooooh ah” which is Andy trying to say “Yee-haw”…which is what Woody says when you pull the string on his back:)  Noah is such a sweet big brother.  Woody was one of the things Noah asked for for Christmas and he has given it over to Andy, even saying now that it is Andy’s!

Having these boys so close together can be so crazy, but such a blessing too!  I love seeing Andy learn such big boy things from his brother and I love seeing Noah’s tender and giving heart with sharing one of his most exciting possessions, just because his little brother loves it too!  It melts my heart!

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Josh said...

Andy is always looking toward his own hero, his big brother. This is a prime example that Amy and I need to continue to watch was they hear. Noah pics ups on us, and Andy on him.