Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clothes, just like pots and pans, I sometimes wish they were disposable…

Oh how they stress me out! Last year I was about the same size I am now, but thought for sure I would lose weight, so I only purchased one pair of capri pants and two shirts for the spring. For the summer time, I got two more shirts and two pairs of shorts. I made do with that. In the winter my folks bought me some clothes, but now that it is warm I had nothing to wear! Josh and I are going on a cruise VERY soon and I HAD to have some cute things to wear, plus for every day! Andy and I went shopping yesterday and I got many cute things, including a new swimsuit. I came home and was SO aggravated. I have a closet full of beautiful clothes. Not one thing in that closet fits me. I have an armoire full of beautiful clothes, in which nothing fits. Then I have piles of clean clothes that do fit and all these new things that fit and NOWHERE to put them. Something is wrong with this picture! So…I am boxing up EACH and every thing that does not fit. I am sure Josh will not want it in the garage, but it does not help my self esteem to stare at size 6 and 8 clothes and see my nice things in a pile. I started pulling everything in our closet out yesterday (then of course I did not get to finish because of two little boys!) but I am determined to change this system. It is not working for me!

Since we moved I have a lot less help than I used to. Josh works longer hours and my parents are not just a couple of miles away. At our old home when the kids outgrew clothes I had them packed up and put away quickly, making room for the new things. Andy’s closet and drawers still have 6-9 and 9-12 month clothes in them. He is wearing 18 months. Noah’s still has 2t pants and 3t shirts, he is now in 3t pants and 4t shirts. I have got to fix this problem too! Hopefully I can get this sorted out asap. I am drowning in clothes that do not fit us!

So I have a question for you.... what do you do with the clothes that do not fit and you hope to wear again? Or the out of season clothes that are taking up space in your small closets? I am in need of a solution!


Marcy said...

things that don't fit - straight to Goodwill. Same with things that I've finally decided that I just don't wear. When I buy new things, I try to put the same number of things in the GW bag but I don't always succeed. We always have 1 or more GW bags going at once.

For off season things, I have one of those big plastic tubs (like 35 gallon) and Will has a giant duffel (we call it the body bag) that we store in the basement in the off season.

I made it a little easier on myself this year by weeding out my sweaters a lot over the winter so they're all going to be able to stay put during the warmer weather. I also got rid of a bunch of shoes so I don't have to swap shoes this season either.

Of course it's not perfect and we'll have to do it all again when our dresser finally arrives.

Beth said...

I come come to terms with the fact that I will never be a 6 or 8 again. I like pasta and cupcakes too much. And IF I ever do get back to that size, I figure I deserve a shopping trip. As for out of season clothes, that's kinda hard for me, we just have hot and hotter for seasons. But the things I do have get stored at my mom's house. After all that, I don't think I was actually much help. sorry! Good luck!

Marcy said...

oh yeah... our biggest problem is winter coats because each of us owns at least 3. Our suitcases end up full of winter coats in the summer! Though I did rediscover a few underbed boxes in the basement that I wasn't using (our bed frame sits directly on the floor now), so all our serious winter gear is in those now.