Monday, April 12, 2010



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“Look Mama, a flower for you!”

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Words cannot describe what a fantastic time we had running through the fields of blue bonnets.  I have never in my life seen so many, especially not that tall and beautiful.  We were driven out in the middle of a farm by one of my Dad’s friends on his old homestead.  It was such a neat experience and I was so thankful to be invited back next year!  Noah LOVED running through the flowers.  He would fall down and disappear into them.  And many times come up holding one for his Mama.  :)  Andy was a little more leery of them.  I think the fact that they were almost as tall as Andy was the reason why he was not running through them and after Noah!

After going to the bluebonnets and then out to lunch, we went and toured the Blue Bell Factory!  Noah loved it so much.  We joked afterward that he stared so intensely at everything that he could have drawn a schematic of the factory by the time we left!


Andy surprised me by saying “Walk, Walk, Walk” while I was carrying him at Blue Bell.  I sat him down and he took off running!  I could tell he loved that I knew what he said to me!                           It was too cute!



Go here for more pictures on my Dad’s blog!


P P said...

Nice job Amy, You got some great pictures of Andy. I love the walk, walk. You are blessed.

Marcy said...

The pictures are great. Did you teach them not to pick the bluebonnets (isn't that illegal in TX or something?) or did he just happen to pick the paintbrushes on his own?