Sunday, March 21, 2010

This past month....

We have been SO busy lately, which is good and bad! We have enjoyed some really fun times with family and friends.

I went to Arizona to visit my sweet friend, Beth and her adorable family. I had so much fun and absolutely wish we lived a bike ride away from one another like we did as kids. I could just see our kiddos being the best of friends. Hopefully some day they will be!
We did a lot of fun trips during my stay in AZ, but mainly snuggling her kiddos and visiting was my favorite. BUT, Beth pulled out the most hilarious things....all the letters I wrote her when we were younger! I have not laughed that hard, or cried that hard from laughing in a long time! There was some funny stuff in there. Like me telling Beth how badly I missed her and that we would go to the grave being best of friends, even if I lived in Saudi Arabia and she lived in Afghanistan, because we would still write letters back and forth and stay close friends!!!! I laughed so hard I about fell off the couch. My geography is not the best even now, but seriously? Texas and Arizona may just be closer than Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan! I really enjoyed the little things I had to say about Kristin in those letters. Especially the one where I was telling Beth about a conversation Kristin and I had about her going off to college. I guess I said to Kristin that I thought it was going to be "so cool we she went off to school, I would have the whole upstairs to myself." And Kristin's response was "Yeah, so you may have the whole upstairs to yourself, but the whole world will be my playground!" Then I guess my parents response was that she could have the whole world as her playground only if they gave her permission! HA! It seriously cracked me up. I did not remember that or actually writing most of the letters, which made me sad. I realized how huge a part of my life Beth was when I was sick and how I wrote her at every weight check etc, and it just really made me realize how much I miss and love her! It was such a fun trip and I truly cannot wait to see her again! (AND FOR HER TO MEET ANDY!)

We then went to the zoo, Children's museum and the park many many times when I returned home. Got sick a couple of times, including me developing some sort of crazy bronchial induced asthma and then I went to North Carolina to help another dear friend travel back to Texas with her little boy. It was such a sweet time with them both, meeting friends and family along the way. I will never forget that trip. We had so much fun driving and chatting, but it was strange to be away from my kids twice like that! I am so focused on being a Mommy I realize at times without my kids they are ALL I think about or all I can talk about.

When I got home from that trip we went to West Texas to celebrate Josh's grandfather's 90th birthday and had a really fun time with all the little cousins. The boys absolutely loved playing with all the kiddos.

Pop opening his birthday presents
We came home and made a really quick trip to take some pictures with my folks for my Mom for her birthday and to go to the rodeo. I so wished we could have seen all our sweet friends from our old hometown, but the trip was just too fast! The day of our picture taking was fun, but so full. We started off going to the mall for pictures and ended up playing on the carousel and indoor playground too. After all that finished, we were off to the rodeo!

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Beth said...

Wow! I'm famous now! But seriously... I am so grateful to be YOUR friend....You'll always be MY hero! I can't believe the years have flown by. I know one day we will be able to see each other more often. You never know, the "smoke and shoot shop" might just happen! I Love You!