Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brotherly Love!

Words cannot describe how happy these moments made me.
Watching Noah "read" to Andy, while the two of them sat so still together.
My two boys laying down to watch a movie, so excited to be by one another.

For months and months we have played this referee game, keeping the two boys apart or one always within our arms distance. Noah was just twenty one months old when Andy was born and did not know his strength at all. He is a sweet boy, but once Andy got mobile Noah thought they could "crash" like the cars do in the movie Cars. Well, not a good idea! Slowly Noah has grasped the idea of pretend and now understands that his actions can cause someone to hurt and that is not good. Andy is also more mobile now and not often still, so it is very rare for them to be together long enough for a photo, let alone long enough to enjoy time together. This past week they want to be together at all time. When we drop Noah off a MDO, Andy cries "Wowah, Wowah" for Noah when we leave. When I put Andy in bed, he has been wanting Noah to lay down on the floor by his crib as he falls asleep. It is the sweetest thing. It makes me so happy to have both these adorable boys and makes me excited about the future! It was crazy around here having them so close together at first, but it is really amazing now, seeing this sweet connection. Hard to believe in three months time, Andy will be the age Noah was when Andy was born. I cannot even fathom doing that again! I just love it now though and am so happy our boys are becoming such sweet friends:)

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