Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rodeo Houston!

We had so much fun at the rodeo with my folks!!!! The carnival was so fun. We played a couple of toss games and Josh, Noah and I even rode the bumper cars. Noah absolutely loved it!!!! He loved crashing. (no surprise there!) Noah and Andy were so excited to see the horses come in. Andy kept saying "Baaaa" and would shake his head back and forth. I guess he thought they were sheep!
Andy LOVED the petting zoo. Noah wanted me to carry him around, but Andy wanted to lay on all the animals, hug them, kiss them, and just love on them. He was unbelievably gentle and would run from animal to animal yelling "oooooh! oooooh!" It was nearly impossible to get a picture, because he was so excited and so fast!
Noah's second favorite thing at the Rodeo Houston (as Noah called it) was getting to sit in the tractor! He was so excited about it. I think he really thought they were going to go!

Andy loved the tractor too!
Noah is usually VERY afraid of fireworks. He has not enjoyed on New Year, Fourth of July, or previous rodeo performance because of them. My Mom worked a lot with him on putting his fingers in his ears - and we had success!!!!!
Here is our big boy! Watching the fireworks, with fingers in ears, and ENJOYING them!
BUT...the fireworks were not Noah's most favorite thing at the rodeo. LEON COFFEE was! Who is Leon Coffee, you ask? He is the rodeo clown. That we have been hearing about for a week straight! And it is HILARIOUS. When Noah says "Leon Coffee" it is with this hilarious Cajun sounding accent, just like the announcer had when introducing Leon. So funny.

Andy had more fun playing peak-a-boo with a bandanna my Dad got for him. :)

It was a really fun day!
We all had a blast!!!!

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