Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little boy?

Noah just informed me that when he gets bigger not only will he do my dishes and put Andy to bed, but that he will carry Andy around in his belly. Wow. I think too many of his friends in MDO have Mama's that are pregnant!

Josh asked Noah last night "Some day, do you think you will be a Daddy?" Noah answered "No Daddy, that is silly, I am a Noah!"

Tonight while I was cooking dinner I let the boys color at the table with markers. All of a sudden Noah said "I am just like that man!" I said, "What man?" He responded, "the one with all the tattoos." I looked over and he had written all over his legs with a brown marker and said they were tattoos. Okay, where in the world did he learn that the ink on people is tattoos rather than the little fake ones we do? And what man? I hope he did not say anything to said man about said tattoos. Noah announcing to someone driving by us with their window down that their car was "DIIIIRRRTY" was bad enough.

He also informed me that the paper towels at home have the same flowers as at school. And that my hair is so cute. And my earrings are adorable. And my shoes are pretty. And my toe nail polish was just SO pink. This boy notices everything and is going to make some girl very happy some day with all these compliments and his ability to notice change!

He has also informed me that when he is older and goes to work he will take his tools to work just like Daddy does. But he is not going to build buildings, he will be building Christmas trees.

He also answered my phone today! I was in the potty and my phone rang. It was on the kitchen counter. I heard him say "Hello!" "Oh, Hi Granny" then he paused...then said "MAMA! Granny's on the phone!"

Where oh where did my little boy go? Oh where oh where could he be?


Marcy said...

I hope for his future wife that he doesn't unlearn all the noticing and complimenting.

Beth said...

I scared Crater into thinking that a tattoo is when you write on yourself. He saw mine and I told him i had drawn on myself. That child has never, NEVER, drawn on himself. I don't normally tell him untruths, but when he asks more, we'll let him in on the truth.

Carter gets really upset when i tell him that one day mommy and daddy will be old. He tells me he is the only one that will get older. What sweet angels our little boys are!