Thursday, August 2, 2012 almost kindergartener

Our sweet Noah. I look at Emma and think Noah should be that tiny, not Emma. But he is so big. Ready for kindergarten this month!! I am so nervous and so excited for him. I pray he makes good friends, loves his teachers, learns a lot and remembers how much we love him when he is not with us.


Noah has had a big summer!!! He has a love for all things water. We got swim lessons in prior to Emma being born and Noah has proven himself as quite the fish! He even loves those big body slides at the water parks! I never would have dreamed that when he was little. He used to have a big fear of the water.

Noah has really been doing great this summer. He loved vbs. He learned to ride his bike without training wheels too! It was too funny. Josh had the boys outside riding their bikes. He came inside and said Noah wanted to take the training wheels off. I was shocked. I tried to get Noah to put pants on and he insisted he would be fine. I went outside after feeding Emma and Josh was holding onto the back of Noah's bike while he was riding around. Josh took a break and was visiting with me up on the driveway by the truck. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Noah riding his bike. We then realized Noah was out in the culdesac by himself riding his bike without training wheels! It was so neat.

Noah loves riding bikes, coloring and drawing, bakugans, slushes, hummus, and playing games on people's phones. He has really been having fun playing dress up with Andy as super heroes and holding his baby sister:)

I will miss him in the house during the day next year!!

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