Monday, August 27, 2012

Noah's first day of kindergarten!

Sweet Noah! When I woke him up the first words out of his mouth were "I need to get dressed, I can't be late!". He then looked outside and realized it was still dark. He decided it was funny he went to bed when it was light out and got up when it was dark out!
Sitting on his brothers bed getting ready!
Baby sister, ready for the walk to school!

Our sweet Noah. He looks so big and handsome! He loves his new school clothes, star wars shoes, back pack, lunch box and cup! He was seriously about to burst, he wanted to get to school! Andy is going to miss his playtime buddy. Noah says they are best brothers, which is better than best friends!

Andy wore his backpack on the walk to school too! Daddy got to carry the sorted construction paper:)

We saw friends on our walk to school, even found out one little girl will be in Noah's class! We got in the building and Noah could not get to class fast enough!!!

He hung his backpack up and without a hug goodbye he ran in the class and sat with friends.

Our big boy in his big class! We are so proud of him and happy for him...but man we miss him!

We had not left the building and Andy was already missing Noah! We love you Noah! We hope you have a great and fun year in kindergarten!!!!!!!

...thinking back to the past years and Noah's first days of preschool and mothers day out...



Jill Grabowski said...

Aww! Poor little Andy is making me tear up!! Such sweet boys. I love them!

Carol said...

Awe poor Andy! Just reading your post I was getting teary eyed for you! Noah has grown so much and too fast! Big hugs to all.