Thursday, May 5, 2011

So many updates, so many changes!

I really need to make a point of blogging more often!!

First off, I have to say a couple of things about our sweet boys. It is unbelievable - they are friends! They WANT to play together. They want to wrestle, tumble, push cars, crash cars, take baths, and even nap in the same room! (when Noah does nap that is:)) It is such a blessing and something we have hoped and prayed for. Having them so close in age was rough at the beginning, but now I really see so many benefits to this age gap!

Mr Andy pants. WOW. He decided last Tuesday night that Wednesday morning he was wearing underwear. Period the end. Wednesday was a long day in the potty with him. But amazingly it was my favorite day with him ever. Noah was so encouraging and sweet. He kept talking to Andy about what a big boy Andy was and even gave Andy the special RC Drifting Lightning McQueen we gave him when he got potty trained! It was the sweetest moment between the two of them. Andy was so excited by Noah's gift and Noah was so proud to give it. The neatest thing about the day was the fact that Andy was truly the center of attention. He absolutely loved it. He was just precious. He decided he was going potty on the "potty train" not being potty trained:) And he was going in the tunnel. I LOVE that. A week later and he is doing awesome! Max 2 accidents a day since Friday - that is amazing! It was such a breeze!

The sweetest thing about Andy - he loves giving kisses, Daddy hugs and baby hugs. But his kisses melt my heart, he has to either grab both my cheeks when he does it, but it is so gentle, just placing both palms against my face. Or he places one sweet hand, which has almost lost the little baby dimples on them, around the back of my head. Then when we put him to bed if you say "Good Night Andy" you then have to make eye contact with him, so he can say "Good night Mama" or "Good Night Daddy" and know you are listening. He does the same thing when he says I love you...he has to know you are paying attention. What a better moment to give him my undivided:)

Noah is just growing up to be so sweet and compassionate. Also just so full of energy! He has given up naps 95% of the time, so by the end of the evening he is just moving constantly to keep himself awake:) He loves being Daddy's helper. Especially with Grampy's old Mater truck, but loves washing cars, painting, and really wants to do dishes for me:) I hope he still wants to when he is old enough for me to trust him with them!

I feel so blessed to have our little family. Josh and I had the best day together today. We closed on our new house yesterday and spent today putting color up on the walls so we could choose paint colors, then we tore down the wallpaper in the master bath, boys bath, and breakfast room. It was so much fun to have that time with him! We even got some lunch and ate together at the house. FUN fun fun!


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