Monday, May 16, 2011

Eat your dinner, please!

Dinner time is usually fairly peaceful at our house. We have found that lighting a candle seems to mesmerize the boys a bit and they sit still much longer than normal. That and we have a dinner time game that is a ton of fun and makes dinnertime really enjoyable. The boys love to "read" cars to us. Each and every time Andy says "What's your favorite movie, Mama?" Noah has a great imagination with "reading" his cards...he asks questions like "What is your favorite combination of foods?" or "What was your favorite day ever?" I did not know he knew to use the word combination until playing the game the other night!

A couple of nights ago dinnertime was much different with Andy than normal. He was not feeling well, but until this point I had no idea. He was sitting there and Josh told him if he did not eat his dinner he would not get a snack later. We were not going to throw away his dinner and then make him something else. He looked Josh right in the face and yelled "BUT I WANT MY BESSERT!!!!!!!!!!!" OOoooh it was funny! We do not often eat sweets right after dinner, so it was funny to us that Andy wanted dessert, especially without having had dinner, but the clarity of the B in the front of the word as Bessert was just hilariously cute!!!!! Sadly, we then realized he was really not feeling well, because Josh said "okay, eat your dinner and you can have bessert" and Andy still did not eat his dinner. It was so cute:)

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