Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Thankful!

I am so very thankful this year.
Thankful for my amazing husband. Who is so caring, loving, and thoughtful.
Thankful for my sweet oldest son, Noah. Who is full of spunk and can always make us laugh.
Thankful for my sweet baby Andy. His smile seriously lights up the room and makes me melt.
Thankful for our amazing families. Our fantastic parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc. Our lives our full because of you.
Thankful for my faith and belief in God.
Thankful for the opportunity to love our children and teach them God's word.
Thankful for the roof over our head, the job that produces the paycheck and the time at night when our little of family of four is together.
Thankful for the local park that wears the kids out and gets them good naps.
Thankful for new friends. Old friends. All my friends. You keep me sane.
Thankful for our health. It may sometimes have blips, but not bumps. Thankfully.
Thankful for the mounds of laundry. Because it means we have mounds of clothes.
Thankful for the toys everywhere. For they mean my children had fun playing.
Thankful for good books. Sometimes checking into a fantasy world is good medicine.
Thankful for crafts and projects. Hobbies are good for me.
Thankful for Thursday night TV and watching shows at night with my hubby.
Thankful for date nights. (maybe I should list that one twice!)
Thankful for quiet moments with each child.
Thankful for those noisy moments too.
I am just so overwhelmingly thankful.
I hope that all of our friends and family have a very Thankful, Blessed, Loving, Fun Filled, Thanksgiving too!
Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

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