Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm Comin!

Yesterday Andy was sleeping in our (his, now) room and started crying. Before I could get up, Noah yelled, "I'm comin', Andy I'm comin'!" Then opened our bedroom door (to my surprise) and busted in our room! Looked at Andy in the bed crying and said "It's okay, Andy, It's okay." SO cute.

Whenever Andy is rolling on the floor Noah says "Andy, swim!" And then lays next to him and says "Two boys." It is so sweet to hear him say that!

Last night Josh had a dinner for a bass fishing tournament, so it was just the boys and I. We had a dance party (or as Noah says, 'dance potty') to Veggie Tales and read at least twenty books. Noah is really gaining patience and interest in longer stories. After reading "Curious George goes to the Aquarium" Noah decided to narrate the whole story to me. In his own words, adding in words like close, fall down and scared you. All because a little penguin fell in water and George had to save him. It was so cool to hear Noah's two year old way of telling the story!

Andy can sit in the tub unsupported now! It is so crazy! He tried pulling up yesterday on a basket of toys. I think if it had been sturdier and taller he might have had success!

I have lots of new things to post about....just need to get the time/make the time to do it! Posts to come are of the Cotton Gin Festival with both sides of grandparents and camping, the Dewberry Festival and some every day stuff!

Please keep Noah in your prayers, he has been having some major tummy problems the last couple of weeks. About a month ago he had an allergic reaction to shrimp and was feeling bad for a couple of days. Then two weeks ago had back stomach aches and has been complaining again for the last couple days of it too. I am hoping we can get it sorted out soon, I hate hearing my baby say "tummy hurt" so often.

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