Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun!

After breakfast we headed to Buda to my aunt Janet & uncle Ray's ... we had SO much fun!!!! Noah really seemed to have fun playing and running! He told us in the car as we left, "play fun!"
All dressed and ready to go!

Andy and his great-Grandma Holt
Andy snuggling with Granny while the kids took swings at a pinata.
Noah had fun trying to hit the pinata! He was funny though. He kept telling Josh and I "No no, bunny. No bunny. Hurt bunny." I do not think he quite understood, but had fun anyways!
Hunting for eggs was so fun! Noah was hilarious. He filled his basked with 19 eggs, then dumped them all out! All my cousins kiddos were looking too, but it did not take all that long to find all 526 of them!!!!

Andy kicking the soccer ball with his Grampy!

Our little boy SO loves sports. He got to play baseball!
You KNOW I was excited about that!
And soccer too!
I so hope that he continues to like sports, because I will have so much fun watching him! If his obsession with balls continues, I think I will have no worries:)

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