Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Heard in Our House....

After a LONG day of potty training, I asked Noah "Honey, do you need to go potty?"
He responded, "Bathroom, Mama."
Ha, I am sorry, I did not realize we were using such big words!

Also after working on potty training we were looking at a book of pictures talking about the names of things. We came across a picture of a potty. I asked Noah what it was...his reply was "Pottyskittles" I know he knew it was a 'potty' but I guess all the talk that day of getting skittles if you go on the potty he decided pottyskittles was a good name for the pot!

Noah has a love for introducing us. At church, restaurants, etc. he proceeds to say "Mama, Amy..Daddy, Josh...brother, Andy...(and then points at himself)...Noah" He also likes to tell everyone about King and Queen, two of his favorite Cars.

Yesterday, I said "Hi honey!" to Noah and he replied, "Hi honey!" He then busted out laughing, he knew he was funny!

This morning I said "Hi Sweetheart!" when I went to get Noah out of bed, he responded "No, Noah." The look on his face was like, silly Mama, you forgot my name!!!

Noah threw a toy, so he needed to go to timeout, he sat there the whole time saying "Mama, I sorry. Time out. I sit down. Come here Mama." He then decided he was allowed to be standing in time out, after I told him to sit back down, he looked at me with a huge grin and said "thank you!" oy vey.

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