Friday, November 7, 2008

Almost a month old!

Noah is doing so well the past couple of days! He has had a hard transition since Andy came home and he has been doing really great! Our new favorite game is to play "Ring Around the Rosy." He just thinks it is hilarious when Josh and I fall on the floor! Whenever we finish he says "On On!" which to him means, "DO IT AGAIN!" He says the same thing whenever we finish reading a book and he wants us to read it again. SO cute!!!

Josh had a really nice birthday! It was so funny though....Noah found Josh's stack of birthday cards and opened one of the envelopes. He pulled the card out, handed it to me and said "Cute!" Then he opened the card and looked very sad and said "BROKEN!" Silly kiddo, he is so used to everyone giving us the musical cards, because he loves them so much, that when Josh's card did not play music he thought it was broken! Ha!!!!

Josh took this photo of Noah in our bathtub....Noah absolutely loves bubble baths and the moment he has finished his dinner he tells us "Bath?!"

Here is a picture of our sweet Andy! I cannot believe this little boy will be a month old tomorrow. It is hard to believe a month ago right now Josh and I were checking in at St Lukes getting ready to be induced. That seems like both a lifetime ago and just like yesterday. Andy is sleeping pretty well. He absolutely loves to be swaddled. If we lay him down without doing so, he wakes right back up. Definitely an easy fix!

Well, I am off to feed Andy and head to bed for a couple of hours:)


Jonathan Oliveira said...

aw, cute baby...!

Megan said...

so sweet! Let me know what might be a good day for you guys to come play! We'd love the company :)

Emily said...

Soo sweet - Noah & Andy look soo much alike. Cute boys

Marci Shipman said...

Thanks for posting the pictures for Andy. He is VERY cute.