Thursday, November 27, 2008

"Lights, Mores Lights!"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope that you are all having a fantastic holiday with your families and friends!!! We celebrated yesterday with my folks - since they are headed to cheer on the Aggies tonight - and Noah and Andy slept right through the festivities!!!

Noah must have been tuckered out from playing in the yard in his new coon skin hat!!!

After his nap, we put up the tree - he was SOOOO excited! He tried blowing them out like they were candles! Then he yelled "Lights, mores lights!" We decorated our tree with non-breakable ornaments, so he helped put them on. He kept shouting "balls, balls!" He was so excited again this morning to see the tree!!!

Our sweet Andy....he is laughing and cooing...and just melting our hearts.

Noah gobbling up the turkey leg!!! He kept saying YUM...MMMM....HMMMM.... must have been GOOD!
We have spent today working around the house, trying to get it ready to put it on the market. We will be leaving for our new adventure to central Texas. Josh has a new job, which sounds like a very good opportunity. We are excited about the new opportunities, but are so sad to leave behind our friends and my folks. We hope for many visits at our new home...since we know absolutely NO one in the boonies where we are moving!!!

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Megan said...

wow, I can't believe Noah will eat a turkey leg like that! When will y'all be back in town?