Friday, October 3, 2014

I have not blogged in WAY too long.  I am not quite sure what made me go on a blog reading adventure tonight, but looking back through old posts it made me a tad sad I have not blogged since Noah first started kindergarten, so two years!!!  I may never fill in that gap, but now that Emma is getting to the point of saying super cute and funny things I am hoping to document it all like I did with our boys.

So.... Noah is seven.  The sweet, kind, big hearted, helpful boy is a big second grader!  Andy is five, ALMOST six! and is funny as ever, an amazing big brother, and awesome at chores.  He is in kindergarten.  Miss Emma is cute as a button, loves to laugh and tickle people, can be fierce when needed, but loves to give hugs and say "Mama, I miss you.  Mama, I love you."

Here are a few pictures from this week!  The boys all dressed up for picture day.  It is the only school day in the year Noah will agree to a button down :)  And Miss Emma and her cradle from Granny and Grampy and the sweet quilt Beth sent her for her baby dolls!!


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It so proper the kid has a habit to say I love you, mom and I miss you...I have not has such a tradition in my family that is why I regret a little bit!