Monday, November 19, 2012

Yippee Thanksgiving!!

We have had a great start to the week!! We started Monday by making t shirts. You draw on sandpaper, then iron the image onto your shirts. The boys loved that!

In the early afternoon the boys started getting rambunctious. I suggested we go for a surprise. We quickly packed lunches in our lunch boxes and off we went. The boys were so excited! We ended up going to Pepper Creek Trail and walked for two whole hours! The boys counted 132 fuzzy caterpillars, one very long snake and tons of grasshoppers. It was such a fun time. Miss Emma slept the entire walk. The fresh air and movement must have felt good to her too:) It was so very nice to be with all three kids. Noah home from school. We were In no hurry. No agenda. No rush for an early bedtime. No hoemwork. No worries. No need to keep our volume down or our feet slow. It was the best afternoon.
Picnic lunches always taste better!!!
Sweet sleepy girl

Such a good day!


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Carol said...

I love days like these with the kids! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving