Saturday, December 11, 2010

Okay, so I desperately need to find the websites where I found these photos and credit them....but I wanted to post them so I do not lose the photos in the depths of my computer.
I am getting very anxious to get settled into a home we own and can work on! In the meantime, I am going to keep gathering pictures of homes that inspire me!!!
I love love love these wood walls. I am not big on the starfish, etc...
but really love the texture these walls have!
Josh and I both really love a huge island. I am sure our next house will not have room for something like this, but a girl can dream! I just love the idea of having a nice huge breakfast room/dining room...then having a table height space to sit at the island, rather than bar height. I could see our boys doing homework there, eating breakfast while I fixed their lunches for school, etc. It looks like something like this would be great for us!
Red doors, need I say more? Me .... swoon.

This. is. the. front. door. of. my. dreams. PERIOD.
More to come!

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Carol said...

Love the front door and the kitchen...well I am just drooling over that island! J and I would, ok I would love to have an island like that in my future home!