Friday, December 10, 2010

Heard in our House...

I have so much to post, lots of pictures, but no energy! The boys and I have been under the weather all week:(

Some funny things have been going on around here.

Andy knows he is not supposed to take ornaments off the tree. Yesterday I caught him pulling ornaments off. I went to walk up to him and tell him to stop and he immediately looked at me and started singing "Holy Holy Holy, my Lord God Almighty." I busted up laughing! I did not know he knew the song "Holy Holy Holy" and I thought his timing was hilarious! He knew I would be tickled!

Both the boys are loving singing Christmas carols. Noah loves the 'turtle doves' song...i.e. the 12 Days of Christmas. Andy absolutely LOVES Jingles Bells...I think because he loves singing all the words and then yelling 'HEY!'

Noah was watching the movie Ponyo this morning. In the movie a little boy named Sosuke (sounds like Sulskay) is riding in this little red and white boat. Noah went to his room and got clothes on that looked like Sosuke's and then came back and said we needed to go buy him a boat like Sosuke's. I asked him where and he was so serious, he said 'Well, Target."

Andy loves loves loves oranges and has now figured out how to peel them himself!

Noah is loving waking every morning looking for our elves from Elf on the Shelf. He says they travel to the 'Nurth Pole' and tell Santa if he was good, then come back. He named his Jersey and Andy's Treety, even though Andy says his is just named Elf.

I think the most exciting thing going on around here is chocolate advent calendars! They get so excited every morning for their piece and they both have little felt ones (from Target of course:)) that they move little things on. Noah's is a tree that you move a candy cane on and Andy's is a stocking that you move a star on. I need to fix Noah's. I just realized when looking at his that it only goes to the 23rd. I need to add another pocket - otherwise he is going to be very disappointed when Santa has not come Christmas Eve morning when he is thinking it is Christmas day!!!!

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