Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lots of News....

Wow, it has been a long time since my last post! I have lots of catching up to do! Usually I post oldest to newest, but my pictures posted on here the opposite way...and I am just not going to redo them.... :)

CAMPING.... (March 20 - 22, 2009)
Josh is a part of a bass fishing tournament once a month and this past weekend we met up with my folks and we all camped at Lake LBJ. Josh's folks came out for dinner and fishing on Saturday night. We had SO much fun! Noah was full of funny things to say!!!

To start, on Friday night we got there and were fixing hot dogs. I placed them on a paper plate on the table in the camper and they were headed for the grill. I look down and Noah was saying "mmmmm, meat." He had picked up a cold hot dog and had started munching away! Three hot dogs and a banana later he finally slowed down. It was insane!

On Saturday Josh fished while we played. Noah loved playing on the was so fast he would fly off the slide and land on his bottom if we did not catch him. Noah's favorite thing to do was fill a box full of rocks. He was truly the dirtiest I have ever seen him and my Dad ended up bathing Noah in the middle of day...none of us could stand him being so dirty!!!

Josh and his folks got in around the same time. We had so much fun! We cooked burgers and went fishing! Noah was so funny....he was standing at the end of the little pier and said "Come here Nemo, come here!" Not one of us had said that, so he came up with it all on his own. That kid so cracks me up.

On Sunday we packed up to come back, but first we got to have a quick visit with my aunt, uncle and cousin that live in was fun to see them and introduce Andy to them! Sunday night we went to church and Noah was a riot! He brought his little Lightning McQueen and King to the services and each and EVERY person that said hello he had to introduce them to Queen and King. They all thought he was so clever to have named them that....too bad it just means he has seen the movie WAY too many times and knows each and every character. Sigh.
A few of my favorite pictures from this weekend....

Here are our sweet boys, all bathed and dressed for bed in their matchy pj's. Noah LOVES to sing the sing "Jamma Jamma Jamma PJ" from the Sandra Boynton book. We were singing that and tickling Andy. This picture just makes me smile thinking about that.

BIG NEWS!!! Andy sat up unsupported!!!! (March 19, 2009)

I can hardly believe that is my little baby sitting there. Not needing his Mama to hold him up. Watching him eat cereal was difficult, but this ... too much to handle so soon!!!

A visit with Bobbi, Kyle and Granddaddy! (or to Noah....Bobbi, Kykle, and Granddaddy Bob!) (March 13 - 17, 2009)

Noah loves to say "silly tractor, silly camper"....silly anything! This picture makes me think "Silly Noah" :)

March 9, 2009 - Just rolling around!

Such a sweet face.... March 7, 2009 - Almost five months old!

One night Noah ate dinner before Josh and to keep him busy and at the table while we ate he played with paints and shaving was hilarious to watch him!!!! When he was done he said "Mirror?" He wanted to see how silly he looked!
My little ham bone... February 28, 2009

My Mom and Andy cuddling on one of their trips to see us. I love this picture of them!!! Happy early birthday Mom!!! February 25, 2009
In other news....
Noah's echo was on March 3rd. We went to Texas Children's early that morning...he was not allowed to have milk before hand, so we were concerned about his behavior on the way there. We got in the car and he was cranky, then one of his Daddy's favorite country songs came on, which perked Noah right up! When we got to the hospital he was a little unsure and they turned a tv on over his crib - and his favorite show Super Why was playing! He immediately relaxed. He had a couple of moments of craziness when falling to sleep with the anesthesia, but all in all he did SO well. The results: He still has a small to moderate sized PDA, so he will have to have surgery. It will be scheduled next month for sometime in the month of June. We feel so blessed that it will be done with a catheter and not as invasive as open heart surgery. Please pray for Noah and the doctor's during this!!! I will keep you all posted as to when his surgery will take place.
On a lighter note...
Andy has eaten many new foods now! I was so good about making Noah's baby food...I loved doing it, but have not found the energy or time to make Andy's. I am hoping to make some soon. But - he started with squash and loved it! Ate like he had had it before! He was not too fond of carrots, but seems to be warming up to them. He liked sweet potatoes. Disliked green beans the first time, but now tolerates them. And LOVED bananas. How is it possible that little one is almost six months old. It has been going way too fast. He loves his big brother so much. I sometimes lay him in bed with Noah when I get Noah up from a nap and they both just laugh and smile. It makes me so happy to see them. Andy is grabbing at everything and LOVES Noah's cars.
Noah is so talkative and I cannot get enough of it! Monday night I went to dinner with a group of girls for a Mothers Night was so fun! I got home after Noah had gone to bed. On Tuesday morning when I went to get him, he said "Mama, I sad." I said, "Noah, why are you sad?" He replied, "I sad, Daddy at work." Wow.
Then last night the boys and I went to the grocery store. We are walking down the aisle and this guy walks by with a cowboy hat on. Noah looks at him and says "Cowboy!" Then pretends to tip his hat and said "How-deeee!" I about died. My Dad and Noah do this to each other all the time, but I never thought he would do it in Brookshire Brothers!! Ha!
I was slow at getting dinner on the table last night, so Noah ate his dinner in parts. I gave him his salad, then his meat and broccoli, then his fries. Once it was already I fixed my plate to sit down with him. I was so tired and just was not thinking and went to take a bite and as the fork was almost in my mouth Noah said "Mama, AMEN!" Oops! I forgot to say our prayer! So I stopped said the prayer, Noah added in "Amen!" and then said "Again?" So sweet.
Please wish us luck...Noah has his first dentist appointment next week! He has to have a clean bill of health on his teeth so he can have surgery on his heart! I pray he is calm and that Super Why is on in the office! ;)

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Great pictures - you guys look like you are having so much fun. We are so happy for you and miss you!