Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chris and honky donk badonkadonk!

The month of march held lots of fun things for us.
Here are a couple of pictures I have not posted!

Noah and Andy LOVE their Uncle Chris! Last week Noah was coloring and I asked what
he was drawing, and very matter of factly he said, "Chris!" So sweet.
Andy getting some snuggle time!
Andy fell asleep in Josh's lap while we visited with Chris. Such a sweetie.
I cannot get enough of those lips!
My boys sleeping. Ah.
On March 7th my Dad (Grampy), Josh & I took Noah to the rodeo.
Aren't my Dad and Noah cute?
Noah loved the carnival. Especially the "pink man." Who was just a pink wind sock thingy with a face on it. All he wanted to do was stare at it! During the actual rodeo he kept saying "Oh no, horsey fall down!" And as usual, he was not big on the fireworks and fell asleep during the Trace Adkins concert...but I think he had a blast!
The boys also got to spend some time with their Granddaddy and Grandma Judy! Sadly, Josh and I were out, so we were not there to get pictures. It was so cute the morning after they watched the boys. Noah woke up saying "Grandma Judy, Granddaddy?" He was thoroughly dissapointed it was Josh and I at home that morning. I think they all had a fantastic time! We are all going camping soon and I know Noah will really enjoy that time with everyone! So, I will have to get lots of snuggling pictures of the boys and their Thomas Grandparents soon!!!

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