Thursday, July 17, 2008

Yogurt is my new favorite food!

I mean new ALL time favorite food. Noah can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, midnight snack even! We just got home from picking Josh up from the airport and Noah walked in the door and said "eat?" So I went and got him some strawberry yogurt. I did not put the tray on his high chair, just sat real close to him and strapped him in. It was seriously the sweetest moment we have ever shared. Every bite he took, he put his arms out and leaned forward for a hug! Then he would pat my arm and say "ahhh," lean back up, take another bite, repeat.....for the ENTIRE container of yogurt! Needless to say, this is one happy Mommy!!!!
Noah playing in his Daddy's boots!

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Courtney said...

thats so great..... yummy