Tuesday, July 15, 2008

So talkative!

Noah has really been talking a lot lately! Yesterday he was saying "Hat," which was a new one for him. He even decided his blocks basket would make a good hat!

He was wearing his puppy house shoes and running around saying "oo," which I can only assume means shoe!
He now tells me "eat" when he is hungry, "baber" (water) when he wants a drink and can say many other things, like Daddy, bed, bath, Allie, cookie (as seen in previous video), pretzel, look, light, clock and many more! I am loving him talking!!!!
We have been doing well! Noah is finally over a cold and double ear infection. We picked up little Andy's furniture yesterday, which was very exciting! It is all put together :) I will post some pictures of his room soon!
Happy Tuesday!!!!


Megan said...

he is adorable!Will's favorite word is "shoe" and he says it about 50 times per day. Glad to hear you are all feeling better.

Courtney said...

oh what cute pictures... i can not wait to meet him!!! hope you are feeling good!