Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sweet friends from Colorado!!

Beth and the kids drove two whole days to come see us! They got here soon after Emma turned six weeks old. It was exciting, because our other kiddos were much older when we finally got together after each of them were born. It was so nice to have her come and the kids loved having playmates!

We played a lot! Emma was still too little to go out much, so the kids played a lot of dress up, loved the sand box, and did lots of crafts! And enjoyed the Olympics!

Beth and I made some time for making bows, while my kids got thoroughly worn out!

While Beth and the kids were here Emma really started focusing more on the things around her! In her swing she loves looking at the mobile above her.

The kids really loved being super heroes!!!

Grandma Judy and Grandaddy came for a visit. It was fun! Grandma Judy got lots of cuddles with the girls and even got them both to sleep. Grandaddy made lots of paper airplanes for the boys and bows and arrows too!!

Carter got to hold Emma too!

We made tie dye shirts...it was fun once they were done and the kids got to wear them!

Andy and Sarah really hit it off as little buds! I loved watching them play together!!!

We had such an amazing and fun visit! I miss them so much already! Beth is such a sweet friend!!!!


Carol said...

So much fun! Love to all!

Carol said...
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