Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's!

Happy Valentine's Day! We have had a really great day. I have been recovering from pneumonia and Noah a tummy bug, but today we are all doing fantastic! The boys worked hard on their Valentine's for their school party today. Andy was so cute. As he worked on them he said "Mama, look at my Thanksgivingtimes!" Oh it cracked me up! Andy worked so hard on his Valentine's. He wrote his name on many and truly made from scratch nine Valentine's! He loves crafty things and it is just so fun to see him pay so much attention to something. He normally has a very short attention span, so it was really fun!

On Sunday night Noah went to sleep sad that my roses he and Josh got me were dying. He was sound asleep when Andy and Josh got home with more roses. Josh said Andy saw them at the store and said "Mama's roses are dead, more will make her feel better!" Andy picked gorgeous roses...Noah was so excited to see the new ones. He told me all girls should have roses:) Josh is teaching them well:)

Today at school drop off I got to see a sweet cousin/friend that I have missed while I have been sick! I got to snuggle her new baby girl for a couple of minutes. On the way home from school Noah said "Mama, baby C is just so cute! She is so cute that it makes my blue eyes into a heart!" Oh he comes up with some doozies! Then while looking through all his fun Valentine's he got one from a certain little girl in class. He seriously clutched it to his little chest and said "Oh Mama, I am going to keep it forever!" Then as I sit on the couch he looked over and said "Mama, your tummy is getting so big! I guess soon your shirt will not cover your tummy and your belly will be hanging out like Mr. Smee!" I definitely reassured him I WILL buy bigger shirts as his baby sister continues to grow. Ha!

I am sitting here now with my two littlest Valentine's, waiting for Daddy to come home to celebrate! So fun!

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