Monday, December 12, 2011

So many updates!

Well, where do I start? So much has changed since I last posted:)
First things first....
We are expecting our third little one! We are SO super excited! Josh and I feel so blessed to have this little one on the way, this upcoming June. The boys are SO excited too. Andy lays his sweet little hand on my tummy often wanting to know if the baby is still in there. Noah talks about it all the time too. I love how excited they are and I know they will be fantastic to this little bean!
My first trimester is over. I a tad relieved. The exhaustion and nausea were a little overwhelming. On top of that Josh had knee surgery in October and could not drive for eight weeks, so I drove him a lot to appointments, work some (thankfully some sweet work friends stepped in and help a TON with that) and then to Oklahoma and Louisiana for his work. Josh can now drive and I can now go most days without feeling like a walking zombie! I still have a few major food aversions. I hope they go away, because it really limits what our family is eating in the meat department. But I just cannot handle the smell or the thought!
Andy has learned now how to write almost all of his letters. He is so proud of himself about it too. Noah's 5th birthday is next month and that just blows me away! Where has the time gone?! He has such a sweet heart. If he starts getting over excited or hyper all I have to do is just visit with him quietly about how I know he wants to be behaving and he usually starts acting nicely. It is so neat to see that change in him and how badly he wants to please me. What a good boy! Andy is so funny. He LOVES reading now, which is amazing, because he does not sit still for much. One of his favorite books is Going on a Bear Hunt. It is so sweet to hear Noah and Andy both saying the words "Going on a bear hunt. Gonna catch a big one. Such a beautiful day. We're not scared!" But my favorite is when they say the over it, under and then say with a hand motion "We've gotta go through it!" SO cute!
Andy also really loves the book Guess How Much I Love You. He ALWAYS reads along with me miling and at the end says "Mama, I love you to a cannon ball and back!" SOOOO funny and SO cute:)
Well...working on Christmas gifts today. Resting on the couch while my folks have the boys. Wishing the house was clean, but figuring someday I will get it that way again:) Happy Holidays!

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