Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sweet thoughts...

After bible class tonight the picture Noah colored blew away in the wind. First I thought it was Andy's and poor Andy in his sad pouty voice said "Mama, but I made that fooooorrrrr YOU!" Then I looked in the front seat and realized it was Noah's. Poor Noah then busted into tears. Then he said "OH! God made the wind, so maybe God can send it back to our house and we can find it?!" ... I sure wish that was possible!

We have been experiencing a severe drought and heat around here with just no signs of rain. When we stepped out of church tonight Noah said with complete certainty, "I SMELL RAIN!" I was shocked when he said it, even more shocked when I started seeing lightning! I have my own little rain sensor! I hope we smell it a lot more often in the next few months!!!

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