Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dinner Time Prayers

In our house Noah usually starts with the first dinner time prayer, sometimes followed by Josh and then followed by a teenie 'Amen' from Andy. Tonight Josh was gone and Noah said the first prayer, it went like this...
"God, bless Mama, Daddy, Noah, Andy, Allie and all the blessings. Amen." I reminded him of a special little baby L in our lives and his little tummy, so Noah said "Oh and God, make L feel better and thanks for my cups, drinks, food, and blessings. Amen." It was so sweet. I usually just prompt Andy to say "Amen" tonight he said it, then a moment later bowed his sweet little head and said "God, mloamnatni*, Amen"

It was such a sweet moment!!!

*meaning, something I could not understand.

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