Monday, January 18, 2010

Things that make me happy...

  • Handkerchiefs. Soft ones. They do not leave my poor sick baby's nose raw.
  • Hot steamy showers, to break up my sweet Andy's congestion
  • An amazing husband, who cooks dinner two nights in a row, to then leave enough for tonight too. Then pays the bills, just so I do not have to.
  • That amazing dinner mentioned above. Can I say pork chops with a cherry reduction sauce? Yummo. Where did that talent come from? He may be regretting letting that cat out of the bag!
  • My sweet Noah, saying "It's okay, bubba" to Andy when his coughs are so big his whole body shakes
  • Thoughts of a soon to happen trip to see my dearest friend, Beth
  • Renting old school Disney movies to watch with my husband and two little ones, while their little feverish bodies snuggle up to us
  • Newly painted toe nails
  • Thoughts of actually getting a mini-van and not having to squeeze my too big hiney in the too little seat between our kids
  • Thoughts of getting such mini-van with no payment...hopefully my car can sell for the amount we would need!
  • Four more pounds lost! Come on another 40!

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